Unit 4: Understanding Earth and Space Systems - Space

Our ability to observe and study objects in space has been greatly enhanced by the use of technological devices. The application of these technologies affects our lives in many ways. Space science involves learning about objects in the sky, particularly their form, movements, and interactions. In learning about space, students will focus on past and present-day contributions of space science to the quality of human life while developing an understanding of the phenomena that result from the movement of different bodies in space. Investigations will involve working with models of the different bodies to allow students to explore their size, position, and motion and help them gain an understanding of Earth as a component of larger systems.

It is important that students be able to identify and demonstrate an understanding of practices that ensure their personal safety and the safety of others. As student’s design, build, and test models, for example, it is important that they understand why Styrofoam needs to be cut in a well-ventilated space and how to use equipment safely and correctly.

Online Unit: Space