Unit 3: Understanding Matter and Energy - Electricity and Electrical Devices

Electricity is a form of energy that students encounter every day. Students will already be familiar with many of the uses of this convenient source of energy. Building on their prior learning, students will explore devices that convert electricity to other forms of energy. The building of circuits should further strengthen students’ understanding of how electrical systems work.

We live in an age when everyone is concerned about how we use electrical energy and how we will continue to meet the demand for it. Students need opportunities to think about how electrical energy can be conserved both at home and at school and about alternative ways of producing energy. They must learn to think critically about the information and ideas they encounter. Throughout their investigations, they should also be encouraged to examine the opinions of others and to question those opinions as they form their own opinions and plans of action.

It is important that students be able to identify and demonstrate an understanding of practices that ensure their personal safety and the safety of others when working with and around electricity. This includes knowing why hands should be dry when handling alternating current (AC) equipment and why equipment with frayed plugs should be reported to the teacher.

Online Unit: Electricity and Electrical Devices