Grade 5 Social Studies

In Grade 5 social studies, students will learn about key characteristics of various First Nations and European settler communities in New France up to 1713. Using primary sources, such as treaties, historical images, and diaries, as well as secondary sources, they will investigate relationships and interactions among these communities from a variety of perspectives and will develop their understanding of how historical events in early Canada have had an impact on present-day Canada. Students will also explore the responsibilities of Canadian citizens and levels of government. They will continue to develop their ability to examine current issues from various perspectives by investigating a Canadian social and/or environmental issue from the point of view of a variety of stakeholders, and they will develop plans of action to address significant social and environmental issues. Students will continue to develop their mapping, globe, and graphing skills to help them extract, interpret, and analyse information, and they will enhance their understanding of multiple perspectives on both historical and contemporary issues.