Unit 4: Understanding Earth and Space Systems - Conservation of Energy and Resources

Energy choices are becoming increasingly important. Making greater use of renewable and alternative sources and conserving energy are options that students need to know about if we are to sustain our present standard of living and ensure adequate energy supplies for future generations. Students must also recognize that there are immediate and long-term impacts and costs associated with every choice.

Never has it been more important for our students to be creative and critical thinkers. More than ever, they need to know how to understand situations and to respond to them in new ways. They need to be able to recognize the choices made by others, while being able to question the ideas behind the choices. They need to be able to think critically, to see things from many different perspectives, and to use all of the information available to make informed and reasoned personal choices about energy use and conservation.

By designing, constructing, and operating their own devices, students will learn how energy is transferred from one system to another. When building devices, it is important that studentss be able to identify and demonstrate an understanding of practices that ensure their personal safety and the safety of others. This includes knowing why it is important to keep work spaces neat and tidy and why batteries should be recharged only under adult supervision.

Online Unit: Conservation of Energy and Resources