Grade 4 Social Studies

In Grade 4 social studies, students will develop their understanding of how we study the past, as they use various methods to examine social organization, daily life, and the relationship with the environment in different societies that existed between 3000 BCE and 1500 CE. Students will build on what they have learned in earlier grades, using visual evidence, primary and secondary sources, and thematic maps to investigate a number of early societies from different regions and eras and representing different cultures. Students will investigate the interrelationship between daily life and the environment in these societies and will compare aspects of life in these societies with that in present-day Canada. Continuing to build on what they learned in earlier grades, students will study the interrelationship between human activities and the environment on a national scale. They will build on their knowledge of municipal and landform regions, studying Canada’s political regions, including the provinces and territories, and physical regions such as the country’s landform, vegetation, and climatic regions. Students will investigate issues related to the challenge of balancing human needs and environmental stewardship in Canada. They will continue to develop their mapping skills, analysing print, digital, and interactive maps and using spatial technologies to investigate human interactions with the environment.

Journey Through The Regions of Canada

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